Double Debut!

This weekend saw the first of our March Lion debuts; Christina Farley’s GILDED and Sashi Kaufman’s THE OTHER WAY AROUND. Here at the OneFourKidLit blog we took a minute to find out a bit more about these two shiny new debuts and their authors.

OneFour: What makes you feel like someone really “gets” your book?

CF:One thing I love about the YA genre is that there are so many books and each has a unique flair and voice. It’s interesting I think when I talk to someone and I’m like: I love this character! She’s got such spunk and attitude. But then my friend is like: I thought that character was annoying and whiny. Each character and each book means something different to every person. The key for us as readers is to find those books that we identify with and the characters that are real to us.

SK: When people use the words quirky or unconventional when describing my characters I know they get what I’m trying to do. Also when someone can relate their own coming of age experience to my main character’s experience -whether or not they’ve ever dug food out of a dumpster -I feel like they understand the story.

OneFour: What part of your book still makes you laugh/cry even though you’ve read it a million times?

CF:I think for me it’s the second to last chapter that makes me emotional. It still pulls on my heart when I read it. As far which part makes me laugh it’s the ski scene because that exact thing happened to me. I think about how stupid and ridiculous I must have looked flying and screaming and fling my ski poles around. I’m just glad that I didn’t get pulled into another world by a soul-stealing immortal!
SK:  I really love the way my main character interacts with his teachers at the beginning of the book. His insights into his teachers are kind of scathing and based on frustrations I’m sure my students have with me or other teachers.
OneFour: What is something you’ve done or a decision you’ve made leading up to book launch that was impulsive or stress-related?
CF: Eat too many peppermint patties and lattes. But that was a yummy decision nevertheless!
SK: Deciding at the last minute that I had to design and print original stickers for an author visit. Swag should be fun -not stressful.
OneFour: What would be the ideal meal to eat after reading your book?
CF: Kimbap! Or any Korean food really.
SK: Thanksgiving leftovers
Cover TOWA
After teaching and traveling internationally, Christina Farley started writing about her adventures, tossing in a little fiction for fun. This inspired her to write GILDED, a YA about a Korean-American girl with a black belt and deadly proclivity with steel-tipped arrows to be published by Skyscape (Amazon Children’s) March 1, 2014. Besides writing, Christina loves traveling, running, hanging out with her two Jedi warriors, and eating dark chocolate.
Sashi Kaufman is a middle school science and English teacher. She lives in Maine with her husband and small feisty daughter. When she is not writing books or reading them she likes to hike, go to the beach or just play outside. THE OTHER WAY AROUND is her debut novel and will be coming from Carolrhoda Lab to a bookstore near you in March of 2014. You can also find her being mildly inappropriate on Twitter.

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