It’s here! I am so thrilled that WINTERKILL is now out in the world!

I’ve been incredibly lucky to share this journey with the lovely authors at One Four Kidlit, and I am so grateful to everyone–my Abrams/Amulet team, my agent and agency, readers, bloggers, librarians, colleagues, friends and family– who have made this day special by being so enthusiastic about my creepy little book. I wouldn’t be here without you.

I would like to stay and gush, but I have a date with an all-chocolate lunch (plus that glass of bubbly isn’t going to drink itself). 

Here are the details:




In the woods outside Emmeline’s settlement, a powerful enemy lurks, one that wiped out much of the population generations ago. Inside the walls, Emmeline is watched for Waywardness—the rule-breaking behavior that sent her grandmother to her death. Emmeline knows she shouldn’t go into the woods or seek answers to the questions no one will ask. When one of the settlement leaders asks for her hand, she could wipe the slate clean, ridding herself and her family of the Stain of her grandma’s crimes. But there’s something out in the woods….and it’s calling to her.


Advance Praise for WINTERKILL

“An engrossing romance, set against a chillingly vivid repressive society. Winterkill will haunt you.” – Julie Berry, author of Carnegie shortlisted All the Truth That’s in Me.

“I ripped through Winterkill’s pages, desperate to know the secrets behind this captivating world. Equal parts creepy, thrilling, and touching, it’s a must-read, and Emmeline is a character I won’t soon forget.” – James Dasher, NYT bestselling author of The Maze Runner series.

“Boorman sustains an atmosphere of oppression, and her characters are well drawn” – School Library Journal

“Emmeline’s lyrical, deliberate first-person narrative builds deepening suspense as debut author Boorman cultivates an eerie atmosphere . . . . the promise of forthcoming volumes should keep antsy readers at bay.” – Booklist

“…speaks directly and powerfully to a young adult experience.” – Publishers Weekly


Where to Buy

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Kate Boorman is an independent artist and writer from the Canadian prairies. She was born in Nepal (where she was carried up the Himalayas in a basket) and she grew up in a small Albertan town (where she rode her bike to Girl Guides). She is fond of creepy things. Speaking of! Her YA fantasy WINTERKILL debuts September 9th, 2014 (Abrams/Amulet and Faber & Faber).

Next Book News!

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Jen Malone sold another book!

 Jen’s YA,  ME, HIM & THE PAPARAZZI, will be published by HarperImpulse Winter 2017!!  

Here’s a blurb:

The California dream was supposed to give fifteen year-old Annie Shelton a fresh start far removed from her dad’s unusual betrayal. But when things don’t go according to plan in La La Land, Annie’s mom snags a last-minute gig as makeup artist to a teen movie idol. Then she finagles a spot for her daughter on his European promotional tour.

Down-to-earth Annie would rather fangirl architectural sights than an arrogant A-lister. That is, until behind-the-scenes Graham Cabot turns out to be more sweetly vulnerable than she could have imagined. Too bad falling for a poster boy isn’t all red carpets and star treatment, especially when you factor in obnoxious fans, an overprotective assistant, a stage mom/manager, and a beefy bodyguard.

But it isn’t until the paparazzi make an appearance that things get really sticky…

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Kate A Boorman sold books 2 and 3!

Abrams/Amulet bought books 2 and 3 in the WINTERKILL trilogy (publication fall 2015 and fall 2016 respectively).


The Cover of CHARMED by Michelle Krys revealed on YABC!

The cover of CHARMED, Michelle Krys’ sequel to HEXED, was revealed over at YA Books Central!



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The Cover of LIFELESS by AdriAnne Strickland revealed on Icey Books!

The cover for LIFELESS, AdriAnne Strickland’s sequel to WORDLESS, was revealed over at IceyBooks! Check it out and enter to win a signed copy of WORDLESS! (note: giveaway ends midnight on August 28th!  Go. Now!!)



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The Cover of THE STOLEN MOON by Rachel Searles revealed on YA Buccaneers! 

The cover for THE STOLEN MOON, Rachel Searles’ sequel to THE LOST PLANET was revealed on the YA Buccaneers blog!



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Robin Constantine is a born and raised Jersey girl who moved down South so she could wear flip-flops year round. She spends her days dreaming up stories where love conquers all, well, eventually but not without a lot of peril, angst and the occasional kissing scene. Her YA debut, THE PROMISE OF AMAZING, is out now! Balzer + Bray/HarperCollins Publishers.

Introducing Kate A. Boorman, author of WINTERKILL


Out here, I can feel the dead in the trees… 


Today we’re speaking with Kate A Boorman, author of WINTERKILL, a young adult alternate history thriller that releases September 9th, 2014. One author, four questions….. and go!


Hey, you’re getting published! How’d that happen? 

I always want this answer to be: I started writing when I was a child and just pursued a life long dream. I mean, I wrote a kickass mystery short story in grade six (just ask my elementary school—it won an award, I remember, and why wouldn’t it? It featured death by steam room!) and some extremely bad poetry and some short stories in high school, but the truth is, it didn’t occur to me that I could write fiction until very recently.

I’d been writing for hire for several years—qualitative research/analysis etc.—and I was an avid reader, but fiction always felt like it lay far beyond me—not so much beyond my abilities, but my purpose (ie. what would I have to say?). You know those people who have “write a bestseller” on their bucket list—or if not their bucket, their Dream Big list? I always thought those people were completely out to lunch. Like, yeah, I’ll write a book and also be an astronaut and a rockstar in my spare time. I think my decision to try writing fiction was born of a combination of (old) age emboldening me, and needing a creative outlet outside my life of momosity. It was sort of like: what’s the worst that could happen? I don’t have to tell anyone I’m writing.

Very quickly I realized I loved it (also? I am obstinate and the first book I wrote went nowhere and my failure made me more determined). When life threw a curveball a couple of years ago I realized writing was also a really safe place for me. I used NaNo 2011 to finish a different book. I went to a couple of conferences, took workshops on craft, read voraciously, and revised that book. When I felt like it was finally the book I’d hoped to write, I started querying. I received offers of rep, accepted rep, revised with agent, went out on sub, and my agent sold the book in about three weeks. And that book, obviously (and surreally) is my debut that releases this September.


What’s your debut book about?

WINTERKILL is about a young girl living in an isolated settlement whose dreams urge her out into the forbidden woods, where the enemy lies in wait. It’s about fear—how it motivates and inhibits us—and discovery, and choosing to believe you are worthy of love.

Here’s an unofficial blurb: 

The woods outside Emmeline’s walls are deadly. Years ago, her people settled out there. Only a handful survived.

Emmeline knows she can’t go out there. She is already watched for Waywardness—the rule-breaking behavior that sent her grandmother to death. She should ignore those dreams that urge her to ask questions she shouldn’t.

But inside the walls is a marriage she doesn’t want, and a boy she can’t have.

And something out there calls to her.


What cool facts might readers not know about you?

Super cool: I have man-hands, which are “abnormally large hands on the end of rather stick-ish arms” (not the OED definition). The hands are very useful for playing piano (which I do) and opening jars (which I feign being unable to do because who likes opening jars?). The stick-ish arms would be useful for stabbing zombies through their torsos. Or so says my husband. I suppose I’d have to make my man-hands go rigid into something like spear-points to accomplish such a thing, but if I couldn’t get ahold of a stabby-stabby-poke-stick (which is what you’d need to fight zombies), then I’d be willing to try it. (Note: my book is not about zombies. Or man-hands.)

Less cool: I’m a terrible bike rider. Five words: pant leg in bicycle chain.


Why do Canadians use extra letters in their words and spell stuff funny? (colour, honour, cheque)

It’s an issue of National Security and I can only tell you if you pledge allegiance to these things: maple syrup, poutine and David Suzuki. On Canadian soil, of course.


Kate Boorman is an independent artist and writer from the Canadian prairies. She was born in Nepal (where she was carried up the Himalayas in a basket) and she grew up in a small Albertan town (where she rode her bike to Girl Guides). She is fond of creepy things. Speaking of! Her YA fantasy WINTERKILL debuts September 9th, 2014 (Abrams/Amulet and Faber & Faber).