DREAMWOOD Publication Day!

Cover of DREAMWOOD by Heather MackeyHi all, I can’t believe this day is here. What happened to time? Just yesterday I had long, uneventful months ahead of me with publication something just barely glimpsed on the far horizon.

Short blurb: When 12-year-old Lucy’s scientist father goes missing, she embarks on a supernatural ecological adventure through a fantastical version of the Pacific Northwest.

I revised and rewrote DREAMWOOD for seven years, which feels like a number from a fairy tale. (I can imagine the book fairies now, hanging out in their forest abode: “And after seven years, she awoke to find she was a published author.”)

Here are what some other book fairies have said:

“A stunning debut with equal parts orginality and heart.” –Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review

“Vivid descriptions … capture the imagination at every turn. Dialogue and perilous situations nudge the story along at a steady clip, with the second half a breathless page turner.” –School Library Journal

“As the story races from one fantastic or frightening adventure to the next, it skillfully combines reality with fantasy. … pure fun.” –VOYA

“Mackey’s descriptions of the creatures and hazards of the dreamwood are gorgeous and lush, a fantastic setting for a fantastic tale.” –Booklist

And thanks to Holly Goldberg Sloan (author of must-read COUNTING BY 7S) for this amazing blurb: “Wildly inventive. Like this novel, Lucy is brave, smart, and destined for greatness.”

I hope you’ll check DREAMWOOD out. And if you do, let me know—can a tree be scary?




Heather Mackey is the author of DREAMWOOD, a middle-grade fantasy adventure coming in June 2014 from Penguin-Putnam. She lives in Northern California, and thinks the woods are spooky. That’s why she wrote about a homicidal forest!

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