Friday Q & A – #We Need Diverse Books

Here’s a last minute Friday Q and A that we starting up this morning. We’d love to hear your answer in the comments below.

Why do we need diverse books?


We need diverse books, because we live in a diverse world. In any group, each person has something that makes them unique or different from the rest of the crowd. Whether it’s gender, race, religion, physical disability, or any number of other factors, each of us is unique, different, or “other” at times. In order to be realistic, books should reflect this diversity.
-Veronica Bartles


The beauty of humanity is that we are all packaged differently, that we’re not “one size fits all.” Books should reflect this diversity; otherwise, we’re missing a major component of what makes our world special.
–Vivi Barnes


#WeNeedDiverseBooks because not having them sends a message. Kids will pick up on that message.
– Corinne Duyvis


We need diverse books because voices, like people, come in all shapes, colors and orientations. If “history is told by the winners,” we create a new shared experience – a new way to win – by celebrating more kinds of stories.

-Maria Andreu


We need diverse books because it opens up our world, our eyes, and our hearts every time we care about another character. 
-Skila Brown


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