UNDER THE EGG Release Day!

It’s release day! Release day! The day I’ve dreamed of for two years, from the moment I got this life-changing email from my soon-to-be-agent:

Hi Laura, At 10 o ‘clock last night I decided to take a quick look at your book on my way to bed. At close to midnight I was waking my husband up to tell him that I had just read the most amazing book . . .

It’s been two years of waiting, as what was a manuscript slowly became a galley, became an ARC, became an honest-to-God hardcover. As strangers became trusted advisers and friends, and family became my PR team.

And now it’s finally March 18, when UNDER THE EGG will burst forth onto the world, and my cup will runneth over with a cavalcade of celebration, including:

  • Going to the post office to send off swag to a giveaway
  • Trip to the office supply store to find a pen that will write on the Sharpie-impermeable bookplates I stupidly ordered
  • While there, print off some documents because my printer is broken
  • Try to make sense of Canva.com to make a poster for my reading this weekend
  • Hit CVS to choose an egg-shaped candy for my reading goody bags.
  • Get milk.
  • Maybe make some headway on Book 2?

Ah. Well. Maybe being an author isn’t quite as glamorous as what I imagined two years ago. But I’d still rather have a day of author chores than a day of glory doing anything else.

Thank you to everyone who brought UNDER THE EGG to this time and place. Raise a glass of wine tonight to all your hard work. Oh, and don’t forget to pick up milk.

In writing UNDER THE EGG, Laura Marx Fitzgerald drew on her study of art history at Harvard and Cambridge Universities. Though she grew up Down South, today she lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two kids (and a dog, if the two kids keep begging). UNDER THE EGG is her debut novel, launching in March 2014 by Dial/Penguin.

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