Cover Reveal – The 8th Continent!

Hi! I’m Matt London, and today I’m very excited to be joining the OneFour KidLit community! Not only am I saying hello, I’m also revealing the cover of my debut novel THE 8TH CONTINENT! Like most of the authors you’ll meet on this blog, the journey to this moment has been long and arduous (much like the adventure of the heroes in my book (although with decidedly fewer robots)). It’s with great joy that I get to share the victory dance at the end of the road.

But before I do that, let me tell you a bit about my novel, THE 8TH CONTINENT.

It’s the story of Evie and Rick Lane, who are determined to transform the Great Pacific Garbage patch—a real life pile of floating garbage—into an eighth continent, using a special formula developed by their father. This new continent will be a place where their family can live free from the intervention of Winterpole, a global rule-maker run by bumbling bureaucrats. But eleven-year-old pink-and-plastic-obsessed Vesuvia Piffle, the secret mastermind behind the villainous Condo Corp, also has her sights set on this new land, and she wants to use it to build a kind of Miami-on-steroids. Now, it’s a race against time and across the world as the kids gather the items they need to create their continent. Because whoever controls the eighth continent controls our future. And the future can’t be both “green” and pink.

So if you like adventure, flying machines, robots, or saving the planet, then THE 8TH CONTINENT is the book for you. It was important that the cover of such a tale conveyed this message, and that’s exactly what it did.


Will Rick and Evie build an island paradise like the one featured here? Well, you’ll have to read the book to find out. But I promise you wacky pink robo-birds and trash-clogged oceans are sure to make appearances.

If you have questions about THE 8TH CONTINENT, feel free to drop me a comment here or write to me on Twitter, and if you’re so inclined, add THE 8TH CONTINENT to your Goodreads. The book comes out September 16th!

Until then, happy continent building!

Matt London is the author of THE 8TH CONTINENT, coming in September 2014 from Penguin – Razorbill. He is a writer and avid recycler who graduated from The Clarion Writers Workshop, and studied computers, cameras, rockets, and robots at New York University. When not investigating lost civilizations, Matt explores the mysterious island where he lives — Manhattan.

6 thoughts on “Cover Reveal – The 8th Continent!

  1. What an AWESOME cover, Matt! High five from a fellow Razorbill debut. My kids are going to love this book, especially because they are also avid recyclers, and the older ones spend their Saturday mornings at our town’s recycling center. And robots. Of course they love robots!


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