It’s hard for me to believe that today is February 4, 2014–the day I’ve looked forward to specifically since last spring, when I found out the publication date for WHEN AUDREY MET ALICE, and generally since the day I wrote my first “book” in elementary school, MANATEES: PROBLEMS HELPS. (I was all about the serious nonfiction back then.)

People like to ask what you’ll do on your release date, and for a long time I had no answer other than “be giddy.” Then I realized that the answer was in front of me all along, on my book’s back cover:

WWAD StickerWhat Would Alice Do?

Alice would commandeer a bottle of champagne, for starters. And then she’d go “eat up the world.” So I am off to do my version of that! (Spoiler alert: It will involve literal eating.)

Thanks to everyone at OneFour KidLit for helping me celebrate!

Where to buy the book:

When Audrey Met Alice final coverBarnes and Noble

Books a Million

Indie Bound



Rebecca Behrens lives in New York, where she works as a production editor. Her favorite things are em-dashes, Central Park, running, and doughnuts. Her MG debut, WHEN AUDREY MET ALICE (Sourcebooks, Winter ’14), tells what happens when a lonely first daughter finds Alice Roosevelt’s diary hidden beneath the floorboards of a White House closet.

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