Happy 14th Day: January AGAIN!

Happy 14th Day, Everyone!

It’s finally our debut year! 

And wow do we have lots of things going on with our authors. First up, we have some new sales/launch dates:

Dana Alison Levy has sold the audio rights to The Misadventures of the Family Fletcher to Listening Library, and the book will be out July 22nd.

Nicole Maggi has sold the audio rights to her second book, Heartlines, to Audible.

Heidi Schulz has sold the UK/Commonwealth rights of Hook’s Revenge to Chicken House Books.

The OneFours have been noticed, big-time, online and across the globe:

Robin Constantine will be part of a five-stop Southeastern USA tour, along with the likes of Megan Shepherd, Kasie West and Megan Miranda. There’s also a contest! Check it out here.

Christine Kohler‘s book, No Surrender Soldier, has two upcoming events: in Ballinger, TX and San Angelo, TX. Australian teen vlogger Dylan named her as debut “author of the month” for January. The book was named one of “the most anticipated new YA novels released Dec. 28-Jan. 4.”

Laura Marx Fitzgerald‘s Under The Egg received a stellar review from SLJ/Fuze8.

Publisher’s Weekly noticed the OneFours in this wonderful article about the twitter-based #30mdare. Check out the dare on Twitter, by the way. It’s fun, and if you win, you get to pick everyone else’s twitter avi.

OneFour Short Fiction on the Web:

Rachel M. Wilson, author of Don’t Touch, will have a digital short story published with HarperTeen Impulse on October 7, 2014.

The Hanging Garden, a gif-based short fiction tumblr blog featuring OneFour authors, has unleashed itself on the universe. Check it out now!

And finally, our beautiful, gorgeous, intriguing covers:

Amber Lough is the author of THE FIRE WISH (Random House Children’s). She lives with her husband, their two kids, and their cat, Popcorn in Syracuse, NY. She spent much of her childhood in Japan and Bahrain. Later, she returned to the Middle East as an Air Force intelligence officer to spend eight months in Baghdad, where the ancient sands still echo the voices lost to wind and time. Her Middle Eastern fantasy, THE FIRE WISH, is due from Random House Children’s in July 2014.

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