Friday Q&A

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You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! Every other Friday, the OneFours answer questions about their books, writing processes, life, favorite flavors of ice cream, and more. This week’s question:

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Silly, serious, bookish–we want to know what our writers are shooting for in 2014.

Surviving debuting with my sanity relatively intact! Oh, and finishing writing/revising some books and stuff, especially my follow-up to BEHIND THE SCENES!

Write more efficiently and stop wasting so much time online 😛
Livia Blackburne, MIDNIGHT THIEF

Worry less, go outside more, and write write write until my fingers are dead.
Stephanie Diaz, EXTRACTION

Finding a writing schedule that works and reaching that delicate writing/raising a houseful of kids balance/sleeping on occasion balance. I also want to finish a picture book and do more creative cross training (sketching, watercolors…).
Louise Galveston, BY THE GRACE OF TODD

I resolve to learn how to make a perfect pie crust, even if I have to bake—and eat—a lot of subpar pies to get there.
Heidi Schulz, HOOK’S REVENGE

To worry less, and enjoy the moments of this debut year– the good and the bad and the ones in between– more. And also to drink less coffee (haha just kidding I’m not going to drink less coffee).
Stefanie Gaither, FALLS THE SHADOW

What Stefanie said. (Also: be less lazy)
Michelle Krys, HEXED

Keep my house a little cleaner! Or ride my horses more! (It is an either/or dilemna :0))
Jaye Robin Brown, NO PLACE TO FALL

Figure out a way to balance writing and other commitments while keeping my mental health intact. (I suspect this will be an ongoing process!)
Corinne Duyvis, OTHERBOUND

Last year I came up with a word to be my focus for the year, and I’m going to do the same thing this year. For 2013 it was all about POSITIVITY. 2014’s word is BALANCE. This coming year is all about working toward finding a balance between Author Jess, Writer Jess, Teacher Jess, MFA Student Jess, Wife Jess, and Having A Life Jess.
Jessica Love, PUSH GIRL

With the theme of: “You only debut once”, my resolution is to enjoy every moment, eat more chocolate and drink more coffee.
Christy Farley, GILDED

I like Christy’s!
Edith Cohn, SPIRIT’S KEY

My focus for 2014 is to be present.
I am like a little hummingbird with a million things happening at all times, and between finishing the album and preparing for release and my YouTube channel and teaching and marriage and LIFE, I know that loving each second is key to staying sane and happy.

To be more focused. I multitask constantly and need to learn how to focus on the moment sometimes.
That, and I’d really like to get to NYC :O)
Lisa Maxwell, SWEET UNREST

Learn the twin arts of time management and to try to live in the moment and enjoy ever second of being a debut author.

Mine is to read all my fellow OneFour’s debuts, or as many as I possibly can:)

My resolution is to go easier on myself and appreciate the quiet moments. And to make more coffee at home. (Because the Starbucks baristas recognize me on sight and I’m pretty sure that’s not a good sign.)
Emily Lloyd-Jones, ILLUSIVE

I resolve to enjoy the process of debuting without letting myself get caught up in all the stress that seems to come with it. And to read more. I would really love to read more.

I want to start a brand new book – something I’ve never done before – something I would want to read myself. I have to admit, I’m sick of looking at my old stuff!
Chris Struyk-Bonn, WHISPER

Finish my current WIP, start a new one, read as many OneFour books as possible, say yes as much as possible, try out a lot of new recipes, and savor every moment of the debut experience.

Be healthy, hale, and whole.
Look up “hale.”
Strive for healthy and whole. Except for the whiskey.
Whole. One thing, one singular thing, is an achievable year-long goal: I resolve not to break anything or lose any digits. Except figuratively. Or when I fall off of stuff.
Natalie Parker, BEWARE THE WILD

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Share them in the comments!


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