November Business

First! It is the first of November and hopefully none of you will be eaten by a rabid kelpie!

Second! As promised, we are no longer accepting applications for new membership to the OneFours. If you are a late 2014 MG or YA debut, the Fearless Fifteeners have graciously offered to accept late applications. Also…did you see that link? I’m going to link it again because THE FEARLESS FIFTEENERS HAVE LAUNCHED. Hard to believe. It seems only yesterday I was emailing the few 2014 debuts I knew and establishing the OneFours. *sniff*sniff* Oh, how time flies.

Third! It’s time for NaNoWriMo! And several OneFours are participating. Want to know which ones? Well, I’ve made a list!

  • Dahlia Adler aka dahlelama, author of BEHIND THE SCENES
  • Stephanie Diaz aka Stephanie Diaz (that was easy), author of EXTRACTION
  • Corinne Duyvis aka thecory, author of OTHERBOUND
  • Christy Farley aka Christygirl, author of GILDED
  • Louise Galveston aka lougalveston, author of BY THE GRACE OF TODD
  • Michelle Krys aka MichelleKrys, author of HEXED
  • Emery Lord aka emerylord, author of OPEN ROAD SUMMER
  • Meredith McCardle aka MeredithMcP, author of THE EIGHTH GUARDIAN
  • Julie Murphy aka andimjulie, author of SIDE EFFECTS MAY VARY
  • AdriAnne Stickland aka AdriAnneMS, author of WORDLESS

Good luck to everyone embarking on this exercise in group insanity! May you reach all your goals without losing too much hair, and we’ll catch you on the flip side.

Natalie C Parker is a writer, professional project coordinator, and future zombie slayer. When not saving the world, she can be found on Twitter (@nataliecparker). Though once determined to never live in a land-locked state, she resides in Kansas with her partner in a house of monsters. Her southern gothic YA debut, BEWARE THE WILD, is due from HarperCollins Children’s Books in 2014.

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