Today we’re talking to Sashi Kaufman debut author of THE OTHER WAY AROUND (Carolrhoda Books).

Hey, you’re getting published! How’d that happen? 

My path to publication contained some of the usual (and some unusual) bumps and potholes. I met my agent at an agent speed-dating event.He requested a full and offered representation after a revision pass. At the same time I was querying and got another offer from a different agent. After much agonizing, interviewing and consulting of the Ouija board I chose to stick with the agent I met in person. I can’t stress the importance of making personal connections with people in publishing, while being yourself, and not always promoting yourself. Two months later he left the agency and I became the client of a newbie agent who I knew nothing about. She turned out to be the amazing Lauren Macleod, she loved my writing, and was ready to go to bat for me. While my first book never sold, I wrote a second one during the submission process and that one did sell to Andrew Karre at Carolrhoda Books. It went through several title iterations and is now THE OTHER WAY AROUND.

What’s your debut book about? Can you share any cool details with us?

My book is about Andrew West. He’s a classic under-achiever forced to attend an all-girls school where his mom is headmaster. After a disastrous Thanksgiving where his cousin pees in Andrew’s bed and his parents neglect to mention that his favorite grandmother died, Andrew reaches his breaking point. He sets out on a cross country adventure with a group of mysterious older teenagers he meets in the bus station. The Freegans are dumpster divers, street performers and their alternative lifestyle presents the perfect escape for someone searching for THE OTHER WAY AROUND.

Your main character is a 16 year boy, what do you have in common with Andrew?

  • Andrew and I are both observers by nature.
  • Both Andrew and I have a history of amusing awkwardness with members of the opposite sex.
  • We both like to read survival stories.
  • We both ran around suburbia covered in body paint -one time only.

What are you most excited about in the debut process?

This time is really exciting because my friends and family are just getting a chance to read the book and soon (March 1st) it will be in so many other people’s hands. I’m nervous and excited for my students to read it (I’m a middle school teacher) because I know they will be unfailingly honest with me. I’m wondering if it will make them see me differently to get this peek into some of the things I think are funny or sad or even (gasp) sexy.

Sashi Kaufman is a middle school science and English teacher. She lives in Maine with her husband and small feisty daughter. When she is not writing books or reading them she likes to hike, go to the beach or just play outside. THE OTHER WAY AROUND is her debut novel and will be coming from Carolrhoda Lab to a bookstore near you in March of 2014. You can also find her being mildly inappropriate on Twitter.

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