Happy 14th Day: August!!!

I don’t know what it’s like for you in your little town/city/country/camper, but it’s practically October here in Syracuse. Feels like reading weather to me.

Now, without further ado, here’s our monthly news!

First, we have a new title, a blurb, a story in an anthology, and some foreign rights:

Robin Herrera’s debut novel is now titled Hope is a Ferris Wheel. (Love that title to pieces.)

Christy Farley’s GILDED has received it’s first blurb, and it’s from Beth Revis, the NY Times bestselling author of the Across the Universe trilogy:

“An amazing contemporary fantasy that explores the vast legends of Korea, this richly detailed novel kept me turning the pages well into the night. Jae Hwa starts off as a strong character and ends as a noble one, using both her brains and her brawn to win the day–she’s exactly the kind of girl YA literature needs.” ~ Beth Revis

Erica Cameron’s short story, “Whatever it Takes,” is out now in an anthology, and is set in the world of her debut novel. Click the link–it takes you to a giveaway!

Trisha Leaver has sold the Brazilian rights to Leaving Eden. Parabéns! (That’s “congratulations” in Brazilian Portuguese, in case you didn’t know.) (Yes, I googled it.)

Next, we have two new book sales!

Tara Dairman has sold the untitled sequel to her debut novel, All Four Stars.

Julie Murphy has sold Dumplin‘. (She read me the first chapter and I burst into tears. It’s that amazing, folks.)

And finally, we have a cover to reveal!

Michelle Krys‘ debut, Hexed, has an amazing cover. (Good job, Random House!) The cover reveal was hosted by the awesome blog, YABooksCentral, here.



That’s it, folks! Come back next month for more of us!

In the meantime,



Amber Lough lives in Syracuse, NY with an astrophysicist and their two kids, Future CEO and Future Comedian. She spent half her childhood in Japan and the Middle East, but majored in Russian because she likes a challenge. She quit her job in Air Force Intelligence to focus on writing and her family. Her Middle Eastern fantasy, THE FIRE WISH, is due from Random House Children’s in Fall 2014.

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