We have a lot of fantastic authors at OneFour KidLit and are excited to introduce them all to you. Today, we’re talking to Lori M. Lee, author of GATES OF THREAD AND STONE. One author, four questions. Here we go!

Hey, you’re getting published! How’d that happen?

I’m totally a cliché in that I’ve wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember. I wrote so much as a kid that I had a monstrously deformed middle finger on my right hand due to a ginormous writing callus. I started my first novel in elementary school. It was a terrible romance with unicorns and faeries and magical princes and demons. I even drew a cover:

(I was ten. No judging.

Just kidding, judge away lol.)

Isn’t it fab? 😛 I even began writing the sequel, but I fortunately never finished it.

Fast forward to 2009 when I wrote my first ms-with-intent-to-query for NaNoWriMo. It was a mess. After a year and a half of editing, I queried it in 2011 and wrote a second book. That second one turned out to be the lucky ms because a year later, in 2012, it sold to Skyscape.

What’s your debut book about? Can you share any cool details with us?

From the PW announcement, the book is about a girl who must keep her ability to manipulate the threads of time a secret. But when her brother goes missing, she risks getting caught up in a revolution in order to save him.

It actually began as a hybrid of science fiction and fantasy, but I ended up overhauling it to be 100% fantasy.

What are you most excited about in the debut process?

Everything. I’m sure that’s cheating, but seriously, I’m excited for all the stages of editing, for the cover, for ARCs, for getting to know my fellow debuts, for promoting, for blog tours and potential book signings, for readers (!!!). And for reviews, good or bad, because it’ll mean people are reading my book holy cows is this real.

What cool facts might readers not know about you?

I’m going to take “cool” to mean “dorky, random, and/or embarrassing.”

♥ I dressed up and went trick-or-treating for Halloween all the way up until high school. FREE CANDY, OKAY? *cough*

♥ Junior year of high school, I got my entire Spanish class in trouble for falling asleep during a film after the teacher specifically said we’d be punished if anyone fell asleep. It was first period. I had been up until 5 am reading. I was mortified.

♥ I’m totally inept at flirting. I can’t even tell when someone’s flirting with me. I think I ran off several guys in college because I just couldn’t get a clue. (I was married most of my time in college, so this is probably a good thing.)

♥ As a teenager, I thought crushing on pop stars was lame (says the girl who hung up pictures of unicorns instead).

♥ I crushed on anime characters though. (I know, it doesn’t make any sense.) I wanted to be Sailor Moon if for no other reason than because I was in love with Tuxedo Mask.

♥ My first kiss was a total cliché. My friends locked me in a closet with my sort-of boyfriend and wouldn’t let us out until we kissed. It was lame. I dumped him a week later.

♥ I don’t like coffee or tea. Hot chocolate all the way.

Lori M. Lee is an avid writer, reader, and artist. She also has a borderline obsessive fascination with unicorns, is fond of talking in capslock, and writes young adult fiction. She should probably spend less time on the internet (but she won’t). Her debut GATES OF THREAD AND STONE will release Spring of 2014 from Skyscape (Amazon Children’s Publishing).

19 thoughts on “Lori M. Lee: GATES OF THREAD AND STONE

  1. Actually, Lori, I think your hand-drawn cover is really great! I’d pick that up! 🙂

    And hot chocolate over coffee OR tea…you are so wise.

    Congratulations and can’t wait to read your debut!

  2. I’m giggling because I, too, had posters of unicorns (and other beasts of legend and lore) hanging on my walls instead of pop stars. On purpose. I suppose I thought it made me “deep.”

    That’s a really good cover, by the way. I would have picked that up when I was ten.

  3. I read GoTaS before the overhaul, and it was amazing then, so I can’t even imagine how mindblowing it is now. O.o

    Also: TUXEDO MASK.

  4. I drew all the original artwork for my first novel (at age 8), so I can totally relate! Congrats on the book, which sounds awesome.

  5. Ahh.. Raven .. yes that’s the note book full book I read – loved it . TO THIS DAY, I am anxiously waiting for the ending of it =)

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