GETTIN’ LUCKY: an interview with Jacqueline Green, author of TRUTH OR DARE

Hey good-lookins! Emery here. Today, I’m talking with author Jacqueline Green about her ruthless and page-turning YA debut, TRUTH OR DARE. The story tangles the lives of three girls–artsy outcast Sydney Morgan, who has a past that could come back to burn her; ultimate good girl Caitlin Thomas, whose one bad girl moment could ruin everything; and perfect Tenley Reed, who has recently moved back to Echo Bay hoping her secrets won’t follow. At the party she hopes will reestablish her popularity, Tenley strikes up the game she was once known for–Truth or Dare. But mysterious dares keep coming long after the party is over, forcing each of the girls to weigh her options: complete the dark deed or let the mortifying truth be exposed? TRUTH OR DARE is the first of a trilogy, and it’s a good thing, too! The three girls and the vivid cast of characters around them will keep you wanting more truths and dares from a town where dangerous secrets are nothing new.

Here’s the fun part: Jacqueline let me play a little one-sided Truth or Dare with her.

TRUTH: You’re a published children’s book writer already. How has the experience of writing for young adults been different for you so far? Truthfully…boys! With TRUTH OR DARE, I got to delve into romance and kissing, scandal and back-stabbing, crushes and unrequited love…In other words, all the fun juicy stuff.

DARE: Confess who your first celebrity crush was on Twitter and screen-cap it as proof!

Twitter Screen Shot

(Em note: TOTALLY crushed on JTT as well.)

TRUTH: What are some of your favorite shows, and did any of them help inspire TRUTH OR DARE? I am a total teen TV addict (or, as I like to call it, connoisseur), so I could go on and on about this! Some of my favorite teen TV shows—all of which have definitely inspired TRUTH OR DARE in one way or another—are Greek, Veronica Mars, The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, Wildfire…the list goes on and on. In fact, I once went so far as to write a whole blog entry about this.

DARE: Let’s see a picture of your most embarrassing mid-revision hairdo or outfit. Here I am mid-revisions. It is not a pretty sight. At least my dog still looks cute…
Revision Outfit

TRUTH: What is your worst procrastination habit when it comes to writing? THE INTERNET. I put it in all caps because it is a bad, bad habit. Sometimes I have to disconnect my internet just to stop myself from procrastinating. And then I’ll go reconnect it “just for one second!” Sigh.

DARE: Blog 5 embarrassing facts about yourself. Done! See the blog for more.

TRUTH: And, finally, as this community is all All for One and OneFour Kidlit, what two or three books inspired you as a kid? It’s always so hard to just choose two or three, but I will go with: A Little Princess, by Frances Hodgson Burnett, Mandy by Julie Edwards, and Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White. And for fun I have to throw in a few series I was completely obsessed with as a kid (I loved series): Friends 4-Ever, The Saddle Club, Thoroughbred, and The Babysitter’s Club.


Thanks for being such a good sport, Jackie, and congratulations!

Jackie Resnick 2

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jacqueline Green received a BA from Cornell University and an MFA in writing for children from the New School. She grew up in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, and now lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband and their tiny dog. Truth or Dare, the first novel in a trilogy, is her young adult debut.

You can find out more about Jacqueline Green and TRUTH OR DARE via her website, Goodreads or Twitter!

This interview was conducted by OneFour member Emery Lord, and is part of an ongoing series of interviews with The Lucky13s —- YA, MG, and children’s books authors debuting in 2013.

Emery Lord lives in a pink row house in Cincinnati, Ohio, with an upright piano, a ukulele, one husband, and two rescue dogs. She spends her time impulse shopping, laughing so loudly that other people in the restaurant shoot dirty looks at her and her friends, and reading book after book after book. Her debut novel, OPEN ROAD SUMMER is out with Walker/Bloomsbury in Winter 2014.

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